Creating a Brand Strategy for Cannabis

Creating a brand strategy for cannabis is paramount to generate awareness and increase the revenue for your business. In addition, cannabis brand strategy also inspires loyalty from your customers, which is vital for profits and the overall survival of your weed brand.

Legalization for recreational and medicinal use of cannabis continues to increase in many parts, North America in particular. So it is no wonder that cannabis consumers and enthusiasts are also continuing to increase, making this the perfect time to launch your online weed business and get it up and running.

To create a brand strategy for your cannabis business, here is a list of practical steps.

Creating a Brand Strategy for Cannabis

As heavily regulated as it is, the cannabis business is also very competitive. Branding your cannabis business will not only help you establish a credible name, but it will also help your online dispensary to stay on top of the competition. Employing the right cannabis branding strategy can also generate revenue and increase the market share.

Choose your target audience

Veterans in the weed industry know that millennials and Gen Z are among the top cannabis users. However, marijuana consumer demographics are wide and varied, and identifying which ones you want to cater to can make all the difference.

Some use cannabis products exclusively for their medical properties, while others use it for fun. Some sections of cannabis users prefer only topicals, but others like smoking them and vice versa.

Identifying the target audience for your cannabis business is crucial as everything from marketing strategy to what products to sell is hugely influenced by the demographics.

For instance, marketing your cannabis brand to those under Gen Z requires a combination of social media marketing and employing influencer marketing. On the other hand, millennials and older folks who partake in cannabis appreciate brands that promote social values and market unique products, among other things. For older cannabis users, great customer service, brand reviews, and providing educational resources seem to work like magic. 

Identify your brand's USP

Just like any other industry, your cannabis brand must have a unique selling point/proposition or USP – a feature, a product, or service that makes it different from the rest.

Does your dispensary grow your own strain, or is it sourced from organic farms? Maybe you offer a particularly potent strain with an exceptionally high concentration of THC. Or your online dispensary is exclusive to premium CBD products and nothing else. Does your brand offer cannabis products for pets?

Your USP is not just important for creating a brand strategy for your cannabis business. It helps potential cannabis customers to identify their needs and what they want from your online store. Once they establish their cannabis requirements and understand that your brand provides the answer, it fosters brand loyalty, which can be detrimental to your business.

Some of the top-performing cannabis brands also focus on their weed products’ quality, sourcing, and testing process, which greatly appeals to the customers.

So identifying your cannabis brand’s uniqueness can take you a long way in the overall branding.

Design and marketing

This part of your cannabis branding strategy covers the tangible aspects that your customers will see and experience. The design covers everything from the layout, appearance, and scalability of your cannabis website across multiple platforms and so on. How you choose to package your cannabis products will also be very important since it will reach your customer’s hands.

The use of interesting visual imagery that appeals to older cannabis users, interesting fonts, and characteristics is a great way to create a brand strategy that stands out. In addition, a unique cannabis packaging and design can also create a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

In this regard, cannabis brands are discouraged from using animated and cartoon imagery that may make it appealing to underage persons, which is illegal in many states.

Effective marketing strategy for cannabis is also crucial for brand strategy. This will allow you to take your weed products and brand to the right audience and position your brand on the right platforms, which in turn will create awareness among the users.

Consider if your cannabis brand will benefit from a marketing agency

Marketing agencies are in business for a reason, so working with the right professionals can kick start your cannabis business brand strategy in a fantastic way. Whether it is concept or design, advertising, and branding for your cannabis business, marketing experts can help you take the next step in the right direction.

However, if you don’t pick the right agency, it can go the other way.

Outsourcing help can sometimes result in very generic results, whether it is your logo, a catchphrase, or designing your website. The primary reason is that outsiders rarely understand the story behind your cannabis brand. You might have a very personal experience that ignited your passion for venturing into the weed business or something similar.

But if the agency or outsourced help cannot tell that story for you, your customers might find it difficult to connect with you. In addition, whatever design they create will not be unique. And we all know that cannabis is an industry that celebrates uniqueness, creativity, and individualism.

Final Thoughts

Brand strategy for cannabis business owners is one of the most important steps for launching it. If you choose to hand over the branding process to a third party, such as a marketing agency, do your due diligence, and hire the right people to represent your cannabis business. Having the right marketing strategy matters.

However, creating a brand strategy for cannabis business is also doable without professional help, especially if you started it from scratch. No one can tell the story of your struggles and inspiration to start your own cannabis brand, which places you in a unique position to tell that amazing story.

It could be through a creative logo, a provocative catchphrase, or an interesting package design. The best cannabis branding strategy is one that is individualistic, personal and one that your potential customers can resonate with, and one that inspires loyalty to your brand.

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