Creating a Marketing Plan Template

If you’re in the business of marketing, you know better than anyone how important it is to have a strategic marketing plan that can raise your business to greater heights. With the perfect marketing plan, you can turn all your business dreams and goals into a reality.

Without a proper plan at hand, you may have to manage and monitor a whole bunch of chaos that you don’t need. If it’s your first time developing a marketing plan, it’s probably for the best if you have the ultimate marketing plan template that you can follow to give you the best results after advertising.

What is a Marketing Plan Template?

In simple words, you can understand a marketing plan as the strategy that the business is going to undertake regarding its advertising campaigns for the services and products that the company sells. The marketing plan will specify who the target market is and how the budget will be divided within the audience on different platforms and channels like social media marketing, including future plans for the business.

When you have a marketing plan template, it becomes easier for you as an organization to come up with the business goals and targets. It’s a critical element in the field of marketing through which you can easily organize campaigns and execute them in an orderly fashion, with positive feedback from the customer base in mind.

Why Do You Need to Have a Marketing Plan Template?

As with any other aspect of life, it becomes easier to execute your plans and experience success when you have a proper marketing strategy. It eliminates frustration and confusion and gives you appropriate step-by-step information on how to go about your campaign.

The perfect marketing initiatives will include the company’s goals, objectives, target audience, and strategies for execution. The one thing you need to keep in mind before coming up with a marketing tactic is to ensure you have attainable targets and realistic goals, or else it defeats the purpose of having a plan at all.

What Are The Elements of Creating a Marketing Plan Template?

 It would be best to consider various factors when creating a comprehensive marketing plan template. These elements are applicable for the digital marketing plan templates or any other strategic marketing plan template you are planning to create. Your marketing strategies and marketing tactics should be reflective of your target customers.

Given below are the key elements you need to add to your marketing activities:

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis in business is critical to its success, and it stands for Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats regarding the company. Once you have this in hand, you will be able to develop a proper marketing strategy.

An Executive Summary

It’s basically a short summary of the entirety of the marketing plan. It will include basic information about the business, such as its name, location, and mission statement.

The Goals and Targets of the Business

This element is undoubtedly a significant part of the template where you state the marketing goals of the marketing department involved in the marketing goals. It should be specific to the marketing team and their goals and not the more significant business objectives of the entire business itself.

A Competitive Analysis

The business industry is a big one, and hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you find one or two businesses that cater to the same audience as your own business. In this competitor analysis, you’ll be researching their pricing, market share, positioning, and offerings. It will help you develop a plan that will outweigh the pros of the competition and put your services and products on top as the better choice.

Target Market Analysis

This section will involve actual market research. Whatever services or products your business is selling should cater to some audience who will potentially be your most loyal customers. This will help establish a comprehensive buyer persona which is essential when you are campaigning for your products and services.

Market Strategy

Using the SWOT analysis, your marketing efforts should reflect your company’s strengths and improve on its weaknesses to rise above the competition. When coming up with a marketing strategy system, you need to keep a few significant points in mind, usually called the 7 Ps of marketing: Pricing strategies, Product, Process, Place, Promotion, People, and Physical Evidence.

Marketing Channels

This includes all the different mediums through which you will be setting out your campaign, and it has all the platforms where you will be advertising your service and products. For example, you can choose to promote through social media posts, email marketing, local papers, or shops.

If you are planning your campaign around social media platforms, you can devise a proper social media marketing strategy with a conclusive content marketing strategy that will help connect your business with the customers.

Marketing Budget

This does not include the budget for the service or product but the expenses of the elements mentioned above, such as conducting market research and creating the strategy. Typical costs include hosting or attending events for the product/service release, marketing software, and paid promotions.

Financial Projections

Once you get a rough idea of what kind of expenses you will spend throughout your campaign, you can get an approximate amount of your financial projections for one year since your release.


For any marketing plan, you need to conduct proper research, for which you need to set time apart for brainstorming and planning. Only when you have all the details can you develop a marketing plan that is accurate and attainable.

Once the marketing plan is executed, it is essential to review the plan and see if your goals have been reached. Clout Brands is here to help with all your cannabis marketing needs.

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