How to Write Compliant Product Copy

Cannabis packaging regulations are strict, so it comes as no surprise that online product copy for cannabis products of all formats must adhere to the same level of stringent controls as its physical counterpart.

Browsing through government-operated sites such as the Ontario Cannabis Store and the BC Cannabis Store will give you a barren and desolate amount of information pertaining to the products they have for sale online.

The challenges of marketing cannabis are plenty, and there’s a fine line to toe if you want to promote cannabis products effectively while staying compliant with Health Canada regulations.

In short, cannabis product copy and product descriptions cannot include or mention any effects or benefits that that particular product might offer. Additionally, the product copy must also not include any allusions to or associations with any lifestyle choices or benefits.

For example, you can’t say that a certain strain or product can help consumers sleep, relieve stress, or boost energy. Additionally, promoting a product as a sport, recreation, health, or any other lifestyle supplement is also not allowed.

These restrictions make the cannabis industry unlike any other. To market cannabis products effectively, it’s necessary to think and operate unlike any other industry. Here are three ways to write compliant cannabis product copy that still gets to the essence of your product offering and brand identity while staying true to Health Canada regulations.

Target the Olfactory.

Describing a cannabis product with its supposed physical and mental effects is a misdemeanour, but the canvas is clear in describing the look, smell, and taste of your product.

There’s a lot to be said about the smells and flavours a product can evoke when consumed. Death Bubba, for example, can be said to have a dark, brooding aroma that’s reminiscent of sweet peat and moss. You can also go on to add that on the palate, Death Bubba provides its consumers with a slightly sweet and woody flavour that’s complemented by a slightly sour, citrus finish.

Descriptiveness is the name of the game here, so going into detail about exactly what flavours the terpenes within your products evoke can be the difference between converting a customer and missing out on a potential sale.

Detail the
Grow Process.

Depending on which segment of the market you’re targeting, elaborating on your brand’s growth story can be an effective way to differentiate your product apart from the competition.

Peers Cannabis, a Licensed Producer based out of Peers, Alberta, details the growth process for “the best flower under the sun.” From sourcing to cultivation to consumption, each step is mapped out to let the consumer know exactly how their products are different from the competition.

The grow story doesn’t necessarily have to include the actual cultivation process. Detailing the genetics and sourcing of your plants, the use of eco-friendly remediation practices, and even expanding on the packaging you use to parcel your products are all effective ways to add value

Tell a Story.

Whether you’re on your own domain or on a government-operated dispensary site, telling a story through your products is an essential tenant of branding that can’t be passed up.

Great branding is all about storytelling. If you can get your audience to buy into your brand story, you can get them to buy into your brand.

When telling a story through your product copy, the secret lies in brevity. Customers are, first and foremost, interested in the product itself. Detailing its sensory appeal as well as its growth process are great places to start and provide the perfect opportunity to sneak in bits and snippets of your brand story without being overbearing.

If your product uses eco-friendly packaging, letting the consumer know that you made the sustainable switch over through your product copy adds value and intrigue to your product offering in a subtle and meaningful way.

Telling your entire story with deep exposition isn’t necessary – keeping it short, simple, and sweet makes all the difference.

Cannabis Product Copy A Creative Blank Canvas.

Fortunately for marketers, the realm of product copy still retains a high degree of flexibility and leniency. Although the canvas is small, the canvas is still there and being creative and impactful with minimal character counts and word limits can make or break your product.

To write meaningful, impactful, and compliant copy, an experienced copywriting professional is needed. At Clout Brands, we have years of industry experience supporting our services. Contact us for more information on how we can start collaborating.

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