Acreage Pharms Ltd.

Founded in 2017, Acreage Pharms represented a unique segment in the cannabis market. Focusing primarily on microgrow craft cannabis, their team wanted their brand identity to be represented properly across web and mobile platforms while supporting eCommerce functions.

An already established brand, Acreage Pharms lacked the digital presence needed to garner brand awareness in an increasingly competitive market. They were looking for a partner to help them breathe new life into their sterile identity to effectively break into the digital and retail market.

Clout Brands worked closely with the Acreage Pharms team to build a platform that would not only represent the unique, craft grow position they occupied in the market, but one that would also facilitate B2C online sales and allow medical patients to register and connect with a practicing physician.


Digitalizing Cannabis Retail

Acreage Pharms focuses on B2C medicinal retail, so our goal was to help their patients get approved faster and to help them make informed purchasing decisions on the products they needed.

To help Acreage Pharms better service their medical patients, we developed their platform to display their diverse product formats and subsidiary brands while also implementing quicker medical patient registration and approval.

We implemented a system to allow patients to register, upload their medical forms, and get approval from a practicing physician online within minutes. Streamlining Acreage Pharms’ patient flow helped get patients shopping easier and faster while also providing them with access to Acreage Pharms’ full portfolio of products.

Focusing on the user experience, we also extensively catalogued and detailed their product offerings to provide educational information on their flower growth process, terpenes, and other product details to ensure all of their purchasing decisions came from a place of knowledge and trust.

Video & Animation..

From Static to Cinematic

As competition in the cannabis space grows, innovative, creative solutions are the only way to stand out from the pack. Hero banners are great, but nothing demands attention like a video banner.

Clout Brands had the opportunity to get familiar with Acreage Pharms’ production processes and cultivation facilities, which was something we thought visitors would like the chance to do, too.

To expand upon their brand identity in a meaningful way, we shot, edited, and produced a looping video banner highlighting their facilities and the quality of their products through their meticulous grow process. Static pictures are great, but they don’t hold a candle to moving media.

Social Media.

Medicinal Marijuana Made Modern

To build on to Acreage Pharms’ medicinal vision,we curated educational quote cards and multiposts to educate followers on the ins-and-outs of Acreage Pharms’ product portfolio.

In spite of the clinical setting, we crafted a modern collection of posts that are visually captivating as well as verbally engaging to capture audience attention and provide them with authoritative information.

“Clout works fast, and the collaborative process they used throughout the project really helped us figure out the best way to approach digital retail with our unique selling proposition.”

Jessica Guglielmo, Executive Director of Acreage Pharms Ltd.

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