Tier 1

A great brand story does more than simply help consumers identify a brand. It connects them to your mission. Tier 1 focuses on high-quality genetics, sustainable cultivation practices, and small batch runs, but they lacked the proper messaging to get those points across to the market.

Partnering with Tier 1, the Clout Brands team helped them achieve their mission of disrupting the cannabis space through their innovative yet sustainable production processes.


Redefining the Industry Standard for Superior Cannabis

We worked with the Tier 1 team to develop their brand story from the ground up. Their values of audaciousness, confidence, and modernity and mission of revolutionizing the cannabis space through renewable high-quality, ecologically-friendly cannabis resonated deeply with our team.

Aiming to target the luxury market, their team wanted branding that spoke to the quality of their products, their unique growing process, and their bold, daring nature while also navigating away from ubiquitous, overused visuals typical of luxury brands.

Taking Tier 1’s values and vision into consideration, Clout Brands crafted a brand identity that would convey its luxury appeal across multiple consumer touchpoints.

A minimalist logotype was created to communicate their bold, direct nature as well as a sense of quiet confidence and luxury. Using a box as its base, the logotype broke the barrier of the box while simultaneously redefining it.

The colour scheme – bright orange against black and white photography – creates a stark contrast that references their mission of disrupting the cannabis space by making sustainable and superlative cannabis the standard.


Top Shelf Web Design

Visually, we wanted to create a website for Tier 1 that demanded attention.

We achieved this by taking Tier 1’s vision and values and translating them into our site design. The navigation bar was minimized and shifted to the right, forcing users to focus on the high-impact visual and verbal content directly in front of them.

The greyscale colour scheme and bright orange motif was maintained throughout the site’s user experience. Pictures remain colourless, with life breathed into them and copy provided only when visitors stop and scroll over to view.

Keeping webcopy to a minimum, we married bold, condensed typeface with engaging visuals to showcase Tier 1’s products on their homepage while expanding upon them in the portfolio. The same striking combination was also used to provide information on their product page, which included in-depth details on cannabinoid content, strain aromas, and terpene profiles.

Straightforward, stylish,
and sophisticated.

Social Media.

Small Batch, Big Impact

Leveraging the close collaboration between the Tier 1 and our photography team, we decided that the best approach to attracting, informing, and engaging people with the brand was to let the product speak for itself.

Tier 1 targets the connoisseur market, so media focusing on highlighting the product’s nuances and subtleties was the direction we took. Tier 1 wanted a social presence that would actually resonate with the target audience and the best way to achieve that was to curate content that they would be legitimately interested in engaging with.


Media that’s Ripe - and Right

Working with the Tier 1 product team closely allowed us to appreciate the care and attention that they had invested into their products, and we wanted to express that to their audience in a visually impactful way.

Using macro photography we shot on-site, we were able to allow visitors to get up close and personal to view all of their flower offerings in intimate detail.

A majority of purchasing decisions begin with research conducted online, so providing Tier 1 with a portfolio of high-definition images didn’t just boost brand appeal, it helped maximize their marketing appeal, too.

“Working with Clout Brands has been a dream. They expanded upon our value proposition to create a unique, captivating brand identity that differentiated us from the rest of the competition. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

Isaac Hayward, Brand Director of Tier 1