Dispensary Marketing Ideas

Compared to other parts of the world, Canada and most parts of North America is a green haven for cannabis consumers. But despite cannabis legalization in several parts of the country, the weed industry is still heavily regulated.

Under such circumstances, marketing strategies for retail cannabis dispensaries that actually work can be challenging to find. So getting creative with dispensary marketing ideas is the best approach.

Top 5 Creative and Effective Online Cannabis Marketing Tactics

Provide a fantastic website experience

A top feature of successful cannabis-related companies is a seamless website experience that no customer would forget. Curated online menus of weed products, high scalability across multiple platforms, and fast-loading webpage designs are very attractive to prospective customers that visit your online marijuana dispensaries.

Other effective features to make your cannabis website a winner include:


Whether the blog topic is about your cannabis retail store, the weed products, news updates on the weed industry, or even FAQs, blogging is an effective way to – generate website traffic, rank high on search engines, and establish your online presence, which is very similar to content marketing.

Update profile

Online dispensary owners that update their business listing and profile on Google My Business and other platforms have a higher potential of reaching the target audience.

Payment options

An online dispensary that offers multiple payment options is a huge magnet for weed buyers since it is convenient and hassle-free.

Optimize navigation buttons

This is especially helpful when customers complete orders and are checking out the order. Offer customers a straightforward and easy way to wrap up their orders for a memorable shopping experience.

Offers that attract customers

A cannabis marketing strategy that never fails is offers and promotions that appeal to existing and new customers. For potential customers, a marijuana dispensary that offers discounts, daily deals, and a rewards program is a sure way to promote weed brand loyalty and customer retention.

For existing customers in your cannabis shop, exclusive membership programs and loyalty programs is a great way to foster long-term relationships and build customer loyalty. Sales, and promotions on weed products, during events such as holidays and birthdays also make a big difference in the way customers connect with cannabis retailers. Special cannabis offers for new sign-ups and the most loyal customers are also very attractive.

Partner with cannabis-friendly businesses

Another tried and tested cannabis marketing strategy is partnering with other cannabis-friendly local businesses. The most common businesses that promote cannabis-marketing efforts are yoga studios, wineries, and breweries. Local cannabis marketing channels are an effective way to promote your cannabis dispensary and also help with prospective customers search.

A local business can also function as a physical location or a pickup point for weed orders. It also promotes awareness of your cannabis brand and results in increased sales. Working with a cannabis-friendly business is also an excellent way to increase the organic search.

Also, consider having your cannabis store listed on other platforms where you can reach a wider audience. In addition to the listing, these weed-friendly platforms are also an excellent choice for native ads.

Don't underestimate a positive online review

When it comes to dispensary marketing ideas, online reviews are a powerful source that most cannabis consumers rely on. A majority of weed consumers read reviews from other buyers before they even consider buying from your online dispensary. Furthermore, cannabis consumers read businesses responses to determine whether the brand is inclusive and authentic.

In this regard, cannabis referral programs are an excellent strategy for promoting word-of-mouth recommendations and important online reviews about your online menu and brand. Online customer reviews about your cannabis brand and store also work great for dispensary SEO as they can help with your rankings.

Leverage the power of social media

Your cannabis advertising efforts cannot be complete without harnessing the power of social media and the influence it possesses. Social media marketing for both medical marijuana and recreational use can include:

Influencer marketing- Partnering with popular individuals with a good following on social media platforms can help spread the word very effectively.

SMS marketing –Notifications about offers and customer data collection can be done through SMS for online weed store owners. In the cannabis industry, customer response is also quickest through this quick channel of marketing.

Wrapping Up

A digital marketing strategy for cannabis owners can seem difficult to implement. However, if you are aware of the local weed laws and work within the legal markets and boundaries, there is no reason why you cannot use the standard channels for dispensary advertising.

Effective dispensary marketing starts with a great website, retains and reward customers with offers such as a loyalty program and legally engage with them as they continue their cannabis journey with your brand.

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