Why Should You Start Blogging For Your Cannabis Business?

Now that you started your cannabis business, and set up a website, and a constant presence on social media, you see that things start picking up… and now somebody tells you that you should also start blogging for your brand – like yesterday. 

The truth is that the cannabis market is expanding and that means two things. The competition is getting fierce, and there needs to be some sort of education happening among the consumers. In this article we’ll explain how blogging can be the answer to your two main issues in the market – your competition, and loyal customers.

Shaking Up The Competition

We’re living in a fast-paced environment, where social media takes the forefront when it comes to idling on the metro platform, or taking a mental break from work. While everything needs to happen quickly, there is also both space and a need for proper documentation. Forget the 280 character length of Twitter, there is a strong case to be made for more lengthy, in-depth content.

In a crowded market, where more and more competitors are joining in, there has to be some sort of separation made between all these agents in the market. And that is the point where you start working on finessing your brand – from selection to aesthetics everything counts. But there is one more thing. Ultimately you are in the market for curating an experience for your customers. 

And that experience is not complete unless you can guide them into choosing a product that is beneficial for them, and offering them useful information that can help them in the selection. While in the physical store, the budtenders guide the selection process, online the customer is free to roam back and forth. 

This is where blogging intervenes in making you distinguishable from your competitors. Because offering an educational segment to your brand will set you apart from the others who are just looking to make a quick profit.

Creating Loyal Customers

A sustained and constant blogging practice can shape the identity of your brand, as an authority in the domain. It demonstrates interest, dedication, that someone is present on the other side and cares, pays attention to their craft. And that is immensely valuable to any potential customer.

Blogging is not only about becoming an authority in your niche, but also about building your brand voice. You can become a friendly source of information and guidance for anybody not having all their questions answered. This adds to your brand personality, and in the end it contributes to making you unforgettable.

More than that, what really is at stake here is that people will come back to you as a source of wisdom that emanates trust. And once your customers trust you, they will likely come back time and again.

The key is not only to make every person purchase once, but to have recurring customers who trust your brand for their needs satisfied.

And to let out a secret from the marketing trade, if you treat every potential customer as if they already are customers, you’re winning the game. Because customers are already created before they buy anything, and most people will spend an average of three months before purchasing a product, your main task is to get them on your side. And the answer to that is as easy as (good) blogging.

Extra Perks

There are also some extra advantages to blogging that should not be left out. First of all, it can contribute to your social media activity – if you ever wonder what sort of content you should share on your social media, educational content can never go wrong. Plus, combined with blogging you get two giggles from one tickle. 

Driving traffic to your website is another perk that comes with blogging – and that will get you higher in the ranks of Google. It’s been shown that companies with blogs generate 55% more page views. Because you want to get people to visit your website, and get to know your brand outside of the social media templates.

And talk about SEO ratings – having a blog can lead to 434% more indexed pages. That is a huge boost!


In the realm of content marketing, blogs are still reigning for multiple reasons. Omitting to start one is the equivalent of leaving money on the table. So if you feel like not wasting another second, contact our Clout Brands team today to discuss what is the best course of action for your brand!

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